Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Letter to Teacher

Dear Teacher,

Hello. I was hoping you could answer a quick question about Ishikawa Jun's essay "Edojin no hassoho ni tsuite," which is, I think, an important key to understanding both the literature of Ishikawa and Japanese modanizumu in general. As part of my M.A. thesis, I'm translating the essay in its entirety, and am hoping to eventually have it published, perhaps as part of an anthology or collection of some sort.

So, my question is: Do any English translations of the essay exist? A quick google shows that it's only been translated into German, but there's always the chance that someone has translated it and is awaiting publication.

I'm about 90% finished with the translation, so just in case you'd care to take a look at it, I'll attach it here.


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