Friday, November 16, 2007

Grady's Letter to Senator McCain

Just in from Grady Glenn:
A friend of mine who is working for the 2008 John McCain Presidential Campaign told me that he'd personally deliver to the Senator any message, so long as it was polite and under 300 words. So here's what I sent. Barring some sort of late-life epiphany or divine intervention, however, it is very unlikely that Senator McCain will heed my advice.

Senator McCain,

On the behalf of the Morrison family, I would like to wish you the best of luck in the 2008 campaign. However, as a Republican in the tradition of Eisenhower and Goldwater, in order to pledge my support for your candidacy, I humbly request that you make the following three adjustments. First, fire from your foreign policy staff Henry Kissinger, who has done this country (and much of the world) only harm for the last 40 years. Second, fire from your staff all those associated with the American Enterprise Institute (namely, Kristol, Kagan, Cohen, and the other very un-conservative radicals who have advocated the recolonization of the Middle East). And third, choose as your running mate Senator Chuck Hagel, who is one of the few truly conservative patriots left in our Congress. If you can meet these three conditions, I, along with a huge portion of the American population, will pledge full support for your campaign.

Best of luck,
Grady Glenn

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