Friday, January 25, 2008

Future Plans

This just in from Cniva Albinus:
Dear Josh Lander,

So you're finally graduating, eh? Congratulations. I think it's about time for another collaborative project.

Unless I can renew it, my Monbusho scholarship expires in about a year. At this point, it seems I have 3 options: a) extend the Monbusho scholarship for three more years to do a Ph.D. here in Japan, and possibly be limited to working in Japan the rest of my life, b) return to the states to do a Phd at one of the top schools (assuming I can get in and receive funding), or c) stay here in Japan and work minimally as a free-lance writer, editor, translator, and possibly start with some friends of mind a translation business that could have potential.

The translation business might involve you, so you might want to consider moving out here. Also, I want to make one polished rock n' roll CD before we get too old. We should buy some property in Tokyo, too, and turn it into a Bohemian gallery/house.

I have lots of big plans, but no money. Maybe I can get the parents might help out.
Cniva Albinus

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