Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letter to Friend Joe about '08 Election

Just in from Josh Lander:

You get me all excited talking politics.
(I will use this occasion for a new blog entry.)
Let us review who was right [about the troop surge in Iraq], my good man:

Consequences to date:

*1,000,000 Iraqis dead.
*4,000 or so dead Americans.Tens of thousands maimed, PTSD'd, etc.
*American economy and the dollar destroyed.
*Constitution reduced to a piece of paper.
*An imperial executive branch that now goes unchecked by an impotent congress and castrated courts.
*Total neoconservative control of foreign policy (Carter, the first Bush, and Clinton were all able to keep them at bay), and the marginalization of realists.
*What the surge brought us was a brief period of relative stability, caused more by our paying Sunnis to stop killing us than by the increased troop presence. (But to McCain's credit, he's right about one thing: If you're going to recolonize a large part of the globe, you've got to go big and do it like the British did, by sending in hundreds of thousand of troops, employing Viceroys, and so forth. Tell McCain that, should he win, I'm willing to faithfully serve as Viceroy.)

What we have to look forward to if he's elected:

*Possible strikes against Iran, which would lead to a broader, regional war.
*Inevitably a war with Pakistan, which cannot hold out as an American ally for much longer.
*Also, the worsening war in Afghanistan is requiring more and more resources and troops. The long war in Afghanistan, you'll recall, was the undoing of the Soviet empire.

I'm thinking about reestablishing the America First Committee. Care to join? Most people live abroad and become cosmopolitan internationalists. I left the country and became an American nationalist.

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