Sunday, February 3, 2008

Return to the Homeland

Just in from Josh Lander:

Next week I will be returning home to talk a little sense into a certain Senator from my state currently running for President, who seems to have gone a bit mad in recent years.

He hasn't always been mad. Apparently, Senator McCain was quite the prudent statesman up through the late '80s. I'm hoping to convince him (with my charm and paleoconservative rhetoric) to return to his former self. Wish me luck, all!

But before I leave, I would like to recommend this article -- "The Madness of John McCain" -- which traces McCain's ideological exodus -- from realist to frothing-at-the-mouth warmonger-- made over the last twenty years. The article ran yesterday in what is perhaps the best political magazine in America, the anti-imperialist "The American Conservative."

In it, author Justin Raimondo, editor of, sums up neatly just why foreign policy realists think McCain is the most dangerous man on the block (and that block include(d) noted goomba, Rudy Giuliani).

And so, my fellow conservatives, liberals, progressives, Greens, Commies, libertarians, anarchists, Trotskyists, Whigs, and Maoists-- we must all put our ideological differences aside, and unite to stop this "militant suffering from acute narcissism" from getting any closer to the White House!

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