Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Grady Glenn's Letter to His Friend Working for the McCain Campaign

This just in from Grady Glenn:

Dear Friend Working For the McCain Campaign,

Give my condolences to the good Senator. Unfortunately for him it's all downhill from here.

Had it come down to Clinton and McCain, we could have expected 70% of eligible voters (including progressives, paleoconservatives, libertarians, Quakers, branch dividians, southern avengers, conscientious intellectuals, all blacks, and myself) to stay home on November 4, allowing McCain to win by a fair margin.

But now that it looks as if Obama will be the Democratic nominee, a good majority of that 70% will show up at the polls to vote Obama, and McCain will likely be defeated in the general election.

Had McCain heeded the advice I gave him last year and moved away from the mad neoconservatives and toward a realist platform-- the kind to which he seemed to subscribe for his first 15 years in the Senate-- he could have avoided such a fate. Tell him he'll need to listen to my words more carefully from here on out if he wants to win; but barring some major catastrophe in the next few months, it's probably already too late.

At this point his only hope is to take Chuck Hagel as his running mate. Whether Hagel, a staunch anti-neoconservative, would accept or not it another question.

Glenn Grady

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