Saturday, August 23, 2008

Into the Fat After

Sometimes I write poems. Here is the first in a series, collectively titled, Oh, Loiterer. This one I wrote today while watching Blanka Vlasic, Croatian Oympic high jumper. The poem doesn’t really have anything to do with sports, though, or Croatia. It is called, "Into the Fat After." Grammarians be advised that there is some deliberate ungrammatical usage in the poem.

Into the Fat After

You wish I went to the mountain
And dedicated it to you

When all was hierarchical and
And an instinct for salvation purged the mind of dross.

I laughed at your sex's little unguarded follies,
Wandering cuttle-fish of life.

Man, whose convulsions are squelched
Under these long days

That, like a pacifier,
We forever suck on like babies?

See the once-bounding gaiety slink away
As we’re left to pass, together, through today

And into other days,
Where other systems will administer

The evening’s racing through the city
Bluer than any bluefish,

Through the demystified music and solitude
Commonly known as “adulthood”?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I JUST got done watching her too, I dig that chick. I wanted her to keep jumping all night. But second place to a Belgian? Come on...


Anonymous said...

She looks kind of like you. Is Croatia close to Armenia? Introduce me to her next year at John McCain's cabin.

I would have liked the line better,
"the evening's racing through the city,
more banana than bananafish."


Ryan said...

I'll see what I can do. I don't think McCain will invite me back after our meeting on a plane last year.

And that's a good suggestion about "more banana than." not very grammatical though. And, as far as I know, "banafish" isn't a word yet, despite Salinger's attempt to bring it into the lexicon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your poem my Ryan. This blog thing is really interesting. Your dad showed me the pictures of you and Hisae on vacation. I am so happy you are able to travel and enjoy life.

This is the gal I met and here is her email. NAGELTIF2MAC.COM She just seemed like someone you would have a lot in common with. I believe she is in New Zealand now. love love love you grandma

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Auntie,

It is hot and humid here and I cannot think. But I did enjoy your poem and I DO Get it. The political atmosphere here has me very stressed out.

Adulthood is dull, and I am living in mediocraty-oh well. I am looking for spontanaeity in life, but it will have to be post Carpetland. love and miss you, Aunite. I loved Latka!

Ryan said...

This is indeed a good day for my blog! Comments from both Auntie and Grandma!

Grandma: When are you coming to visit? And when are we going to Armenia together? I'd like to meet your friend, but I tend to view other humans as distractions. But if she's in Tokyo, tell her to give me a ring.

Auntie: I forgot what Carpetland looked like, so I looked it up on Google Maps the other day, and all the memories kept flooding back. Next time I look it up on Google Maps, stand on the roof so I can see you.