Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nakba ("The Catastrophe")

Just in from Josh Lander:
Saw a very powerful documentary by Japanese director Hirokawa Ryuichi last night, called "Nakba." Think it might still be playing at the Bungeiza Theater in Ikebukuro. In the states, I think it's already out on video.

The film left me and those attending me pretty convinced that Zionism, in its extreme form, is a kind of disease. Despite several awkward scenes where the director insists on conversing with his subjects in very poor English, the film is, in my judgment, a groundbreaking success and should be made mandatory viewing in the U.S.

That is all for now, friends.


Anonymous said...

I know you don't care about political correctness, but you are moving into dangerous territory with words like Zionism. Israelian occupation may be preferable.

Ryan said...

Thank you, anonymous. I changed the wording.

I will try to abide by the laws of decorum from here on. (Although, technically, Zionism-- an ethnically-based nationalist ideology-- is not interchangable with "Israeli occupation." They're not the same.