Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nixon in China

Just in from Jarvis32:
Though it’s now common knowledge that the ostensibly liberal but mostly neoconservative NY times editorial page is, for the most part, total crap (especially on matters of foreign policy), I’d always thought that when it came to the arts, the paper was still a legitimate authority. But I’m now beginning to doubt this, too, after reading some very off-the-mark reviews, including this one from 1987, in which avant-garde-unfriendly critic Donal J. Henahan pans John Adam’s opera “Nixon in China,” which is now regarded by most as required listening and, according to this Guardian music critic, is “arguably the most influential opera of the past 20 years.” Granted, the review is old, but it misses the mark so badly that I just had to mention it.

If you haven’t seen the entire opera yet, you might want to warm up with this. Also, if you haven’t seen Oliver Stone’s Nixon, rent it. Though very different, it rivals Adam’s opera.


Anonymous said...

I love all the tritones in the "I am the Wife of Mao" section! Thanks for the link.

- Jill

Anonymous said...

"the wife"の曲は、悪魔的な魅力のある曲ですね。頭から離れなくなってしまいました。。。