Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dispatch from Sally Yoshizawa

Sally Yoshizawa sends this:
Hey, Ryan. I didn't have anything to do this weekend, so I thought I translate your recent post about Ishikawa Jun's "big discoveries." I got through most of it. Here's what I have so far:



一、 間テクスト性と「転換の操作」
Harold Bloom’s notions of “creative misprision” and “poetic influence”; 
Julia Kristeva’s theory of “intertextuality”; 
Allan H. Pasco’s book Allusion: A Literary Graft (1994); 
Theories of parody by Mikhail Bakhtin, Simon Dentith, Linda Hutcheon, and Margaret Rose
; Theories of pastiche by Ingeborg Hoesterey and Fredric Jameson

二、 韜晦振りと無名性
Roland Barthes’s “Death of the Author” (1967); 
H.L. Hix’s Morte d'Author: An Autopsy (1990) on “authorial intentionality”; 
Wimsatt and Monroe’s “The Intentional Fallacy” from The Verbal Icon (1954); 
Fredric Jameson on the “problem with character,” in The Political Unconscious; 
Derrida’s notion of “free play” in Writing and Difference


I’ll also explore the Edoites’ general skepticism toward the notion of “a singular self”— a skepticism they seemed to share with Saussure, Freud, Barthes, Lacan, Foucault, Derrida, and others.

Stephen Greenblatt’s theory of “negotiations” developed in his Shakespearean Negotiations, in which he “argues that works of art, however intensely marked by the creative intelligence and private obsessions of individuals, are the products of collective negotiation and exchange” (vii). I will also incorporate Stuart Hall’s “reception theory” into my analysis.


Ryan said...

Many thanks, Sally. This would have been helpful during my interview last week.

Anonymous said...

Nobody gave a shit about Ishikawa Jun's "big discoveries" when you posted it the first time in English.

-Ian Hogarth

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't speak for everyone, Ian Hogarth. I give a shit.

-Josh Laandars

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm named Tom.
I will swap two red suckers for a blue one.

-Thomas Kain

Can D. Heat said...

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Gray Davis said...

Grapevine! Grapevine! Take you there!

Darlene ga gaikokujin said...

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(incidentally the captcha to enter text on this was "BISHO"... Erotic plus 2 points)
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