Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just in From Burford Niceweather

Burford Niceweather sends me this:

God bless the internet. Before, exercising at home required that I stare at myself in the mirror for fifty minutes, but now I can work out while watching videos like this one of Peter Singer and Bryan Magee discussing the philosophy of Hegel, and Marx’s subsequent inversion of it. (Marx replaced Hegel’s concept of Geist (Spirit) with the Material.) I will explain no further. Watch the interview to find out more.

Burford Niceweather


Anonymous said...

I assume that's a pseudonym, Ryan, because nobody in this here our corporeal world is named Burford Niceweather.


Anonymous said...

You work out? Never would have guessed it. You look like a pencil-necked wonk.

-Sally Yoshizawa