Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just In From Josh Lander: An Open Letter to Justin Raimondo

Josh Lander sends this:

Here’s my open letter to Justin Raimondo, editor of antiwar.com. I’d send it myself, but not having the connexions (we spell it with an “x” where I’m currently situated), I was hoping you might relay it to him at some point.

Dear Mr. Raimondo,

I don't know you, nor you me, but I think we share a common love for Philip Weiss. My name is Josh, Josh Landers, and I am a regular reader of your wonderful site. There’s just one thing I’d like to say.

I’d like to hear from your site more voices from the Left— the old-school anti-nationalist Marxist Left. It's a lot easier to critique Zionism and U.S. imperialism from a Marxian perspective than from a nationalist one, and there are many important contemporary writers who do so (I'm particularly thinking of Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek). As an ideology, libertarian-nationalism is essentially the same as Zionist-nationalism.

I know you’re not too big a fan of Marx, but you should keep in mind that there's a rich tradition of anti-statism within Marxist thought. You’ll remember that many of the early socialists were anarchists as well. There is also much evidence to suggest that Marx himself was in fact anti-statist, despite what Friedrich Hayek had to say about him. Karatani Kōjin points this out it in his book Architecture as Metaphor: “Despite the fact that Hayek attempts to make Marx out to be a statist or an archist, as many Marxists have done, his position is, ironically, very similar to Marx’s.”

I hope a wider range of antiwar voices will be included in the future.
I hope you will forgive my impudence.

Josh Lander, paleoconservative-turned-Hegelian-Marxist, 26.
San Diego, California


Anonymous said...


They don't spell connection with an "x" in San Diego, you liar!

-Rachel Lander

Anonymous said...

He hates words like wall and link.


Anonymous said...

Which are you, Josh Lander or Josh Landers, 'cause you call yourself both!
-Stacey Naismith

Anonymous said...


If you want Justin to read your letter, you shouldn't be sending it to Beholdmyswarthyface! Nobody reads this fr-ggin' site!

-Ian Hogarth

Ian Hogart III said...

Worst St. Clare of Assisi canonization anniversary present ever

Dan Savio said...


run run run

now that he heard my name



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can't find the guy

music swells

pretty lady framed by cinemascope window

camera cranes up


The rhythm of the film was intended to create the sensation of the last gasps that a person takes before dying. One Upon A Time In The West was, from start to finish, a dance of death. All the characters in the film, except Claudia Cardinale (pretty lady), are conscious of the fact that they will not arrive at the end alive.

Ryan said...

While I appreciate the comments, I should ask only that you keep them related to the article. What, pray tell, has the film "Once Upon A Time In The West" to do with the article?

Anonymous said...

I should only add: I insist my passion for destruction is a creative passion.

-Josh Lander

Anonymous said...

Hi I have not heard from you for some time so when I read your last letter I thought of just giving you a reply.Brett came over for a few minutes yesterday I had him cook a steak for supper He did a good job. but I find he can not sit down and be still for 5 minutes. He cleaned my house by taking out the garbage mop the kitchen floor He had a friend come pick him up so he did not stay too long. He was supposed to come back the next day but did not make it. I have not heard from him since. I played golf on Monday and shot a 37 I felt good for I have not played for 6 weeks. I have such a struggle to play these days. Brett was supposed to play but called and said he did not get enough sleep so passed on golf. I am sure yur dad or mother has written about our cardinals. going to the super bowl. It has shocked everyone. this has made the big news in Ariz. as well as
the rest of US. I hope this finds you well and getting your scholarship. I bet your eyes are beginning to slant for you
have been over there for a long time. I know you are busy but keep in touch once in a while to let me know what you are up to. I try to get news from your folks . Shelly was just here to pick up Rudy. He is such a good dog. Time to close keep in touch. Find me a nice oriental girl to take care of me in my old age.

Your old grampa Hugh

Anonymous said...

Central Park was designed in 1850 by Joe Peppitone during the Civil War so the northern armies could practice fighting on grass.

ghost of Ian Hogarth said...

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a swarthy face - forever.