Friday, February 13, 2009

Update, Anecdote, and Letter Just In From Mother

I try to keep this blog as depersonalized as possible, but now that the number of hits has doubled from 800 to 1600 per day, I feel somewhat obligated to keep readers informed about my goings-on. So here’s an update, an anecdote, and a letter just in from Mother.

Update: I’ve finished reviewing Sally Suzuki’s The History of Modern Japanese Literary Criticism, A Play in Two Parts. I found it incredibly informative and moving, and I intend to post it as soon as I return from Sendai on Monday. (I'm actually hoping the boys over at Neojaponisme will let me post it on their site.)

Anecdote: Because my government scholarship is barely enough to survive on, I’m forced to teach English for 90 minutes every Saturday. Just thinking about it depresses me. Last week, my two students, a husband and wife, were in a bad mood and demanded that I “tell American joke!” I told them the only one I could remember on the spot. It is an old theological syllogism joke, and goes like this:
Me: OK, the Devil is greater than nothing, right?
Students: Right.
Me: And nothing is greater than God, right?
Student: You are correct. God is greatest.
Me: Therefore, the Devil is greater than God! Ha! . . . Get it?
[Awkward silence.]

I doubt they’ll ever come back. If anyone knows any “American joke,” please send.

Letter Just In From Mother:

Honey, I just saw the results from this year’s Best of Japan Blog Awards. We can’t believe you didn’t win. We think there are ideological reasons behind their decision. I mean, come on, you weren’t even mentioned! Everyone knows your blog tops all the others. I was so angry I wrote a letter to the judges. The whole family is in a state of bewilderment.

Your mother,

Mother, that’s very kind of you. Your words encourage me to press on.


Ian Hogarth said...
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Ryan said...

Please keep it clean. All inappropriate comments will be promptly deleted.

Ian Hogarth said...

Worst theological syllogism joke ever.

Your Father, Tim said...

There's no way you have 1600 viewers a day, you lying sack of shit. You're really cruising for a bruising.

Ryan said...
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Anonymous said...

Worst groundhog's day ever.

-Erika Wilder

Anonymous said...

He said "hits," Dad, not "viewers." There's a difference. Why don't you ever listen to us!?


Humphrey D. Umpty said...

Blog counter!

Barry Obama said...

I like your vain and shallow personality but I hate your blog. Yes we can つくね!

Cynthia McCain said...

I can scarcely believe we ever let your paleo-pinko darkie hide in our home. Letter to mother my "right" eye. Hugs and dicks you swarthy lady-man.

Sid Barrette said...

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Kurt Banes said...

Behold!! my swarthy protools


Also don't let your head get inflated, 800-1600 of those daily hits are from my dying mother.
And Josh Landaars.