Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two Lectures

Sally Suzuki sends me these two videos:

The first is a lecture given by Katō Shūichi in 2006 at the University of Tokyo about war, peace, and the future of the planet.
The second is a talk by Komori Yōichi about Article Nine of Japan's Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Though the core dynamics of danjo kankei, or “male-female relations,” might be said to be universal to all people and times, the ways in which particular societies interpret and linguistically order these dynamics are, of course, quite different.

-Josh Lander

Ryan said...

Thanks, Josh.
But how is that related to these two videos?

Anonymous said...

According to Miyoshi Masao in Tokyo Stories: A Literary Stroll, the most important of these critics— the “bearers of light,” as he calls them— are Karatani Kōjin 柄谷 行人 (1941- ), Ōda Makoto, Fujita Makoto, Fujita Shozo, Sakamoto Yoshikazu, and Katō Shuichi 加藤周一 (1919- ), whose video you've posted here.

I look forward to learning more about these critics from your site.


Ryan said...

Thanks for reminding me whose video I posted.