Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Page in Madness (Kurutta Ippeiji)

Sally Suzuki sends the following:

I think you mentioned a while back that Kawabata’s screenplay for Kinugasa Teinosuke’s landmark film A Page of Madness (Kurutta ippeiji, 1926) was included in Bill Tyler's recent anthology of "modanisuto" Japanese literature. Well, after a little snooping around, I came across this (the first ten or so minutes of the Kinugasa’s film), as well as this episode of “Cinema Then, Cinema Now” in which psychoanalyst Dr. Harvey Greenberg and film historian Joseph Anderson discuss the film’s significance.

If I can find the film in its entirety, I’ll send that along too.

Sally Suzuki, Beholdmyswarthyface Media Director
Thank you, Sally. And to add to your findings, here's a 3-minute montage that comes, I think, toward the end of the film:

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