Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just in from Sally Suzuki

Sally Suzuki, apparently on a Lenin kick, sends the following:
Here are three links which might be of some interest to you and your peers.

1. In this lecture titled “Imperialism, Lenin and Bukharin,” socialist philosopher Phil Gasper uses the writings of Lenin and Bukharin to examine the current US/NATO imperial project. As he sees it, “the Bukharin-Lenin picture still very much fits the dynamic of international relations.”

Like most socialists, however, Gasper downplays the influence of neoconservative ideology on current U.S. Mid-East policy, attributing the war instead to the forces of capital— an argument that strikes me as a bit reductionist, as it fails to take into account the particular agenda of America's Israel-oriented new ruling elite. Still, it’s an informative lecture and worth the time.

2. In this 1978 documentary, British journalist James Cameron uses rare archival footage to explore the life of Lenin, from his early years and exile and to his post-Revolution rule and death. The soundtrack includes a weirdly orchestrated version of Rachmaninoff’s not-so-Communist-sounding Prelude in C# minor.

3. Finally, here’s a not-entirely-unrelated paper by Jodi Dean which explores Zizek’s provocative interrogation of democracy.

I have much more to send, so let me know when you’re ready.

Sally Suzuki, Beholdmyswarthyface Media Director


Anonymous said...

Nobody wants just links!
We can find those on our own!
The people demand commentary!

-Ian Hogarth

Beholdmyswarthyface said...

Thank you, Sally.
Send the rest along whenever you're ready.