Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Japanese Film-Related Stuff

This just in from Sally Suzuki:
Here’s some Japanese film-related stuff I thought you might be interested in:

1. Ozu Yasujirō's silent film Tokkan kozō (A Straightforward Boy, 1929), including an interview with actor Aoki Tomio in Part 3.

2. Ozu's 1959 film Ohayō, in full and w/ closed captions in Spanish.

3. This video of Donald Richie discussing Ozu's silent film Ukikusa monogatari (1934), which was remade in 1959 into Ukikusa. For those interested, I think the silent version is still playing at Shin-bungeiza in Ikeburo. Last week famed benshi Sawato Midori performed the script.

4. Alex Cox's documentary about Kurosawa Akira, in 6 parts.

5. Abe Yutaka's 1950 film version of Tanizaki's Sasameyuki, in 15 parts.

6. Ichikawa Kon’s Kokoro (1955).

7. An anime version of Soseki's Sanshirō.

-Sally Suzuki, Beholdmyswarthyface Media Director

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sally. Keep up the good work.
-Mother Gyrin