Monday, August 24, 2009

The Beholdmyswarthyface Encyclopedia of Modern Japan

This just in from Sally Suzuki:
Beholdmyswarthyface and I are currently compiling our own Encyclopedia of Modern Japan (so far it's just a list), and we are looking for people to contribute. The project is turning out to be bigger than expected. (In fact, it's become so big that we had to divide into two sections; click here for Part Two.)
Unlike Louis Frédéric's Japan Encyclopedia, ours will not include the pre-modern periods, nor will it include place names, cultural artifacts, historical sites, etc. Rather, it will be limited to a) major writers, artists, historians and intellectuals from Tokugawa to present (with a focus on Meiji/Taishō/Shōwa), b) literary magazines and publishing houses from Meiji to present, c) genres of the novel (e.g., ero shōsetsu, honkaku shōsetsu, etc), d) literary debates (i.e., bungaku ronsō), e) literary coteries, f) major literary awards, and g) major film and anime directors. By limiting ourselves in this way, we hope to produce a literary and cultural encylopedia of modern Japan that is more comprehensive and informative than any published to date.
If anyone is interested in participating in this project, please contact us, and we will add your name to the list of online editors.
- Sally Suzuki, Beholdmyswarthyface Media Director


Anonymous said...

I'm interested.


Beholdmyswarthyface said...

I'm sorry, Mother, but you're not qualified.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should add a section regarding literary nuisances, ie the involution noisance. I like poetics. Regards.

-Jonathan Shields

Anonymous said...

merci pour cet entretien mis en ligne.

-Jacque Carpentier

Tom K. said...


Hey. I've started a new translation company, and I'd like you to join. We're called Diablo Translations. I've already added your profile to the website.

Tom K.