Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Japanese Literature Ph.D. Programs in the U.S.

This just in from Mabel of Dublin:

Hello. I'm thinking about doing a Ph.D. in modern Japanese literature somewhere in the states. Can you send me a list of the major programs along with their faculties? 

Mabel Callahan, Dublin.
Sure thing, Mabel. Here's a non-exhaustive list. Faculty specializing in the modern era are highlighted. -Sally Suzuki, Beholdmyswarthyface Media Director

1. Berkeley: Mack Horton (classical poetry), Cuong O'Neill (Meiji print culture, Taisho aesthetics), Alan Tansman (Koda Aya, fascism, Isoda Koichi); Miryam Sas (contemporary film, photography)
2. ColumbiaPaul Anderer (modernist aesthetics, Kobayashi Hideo), Theo DeBary (Confucian thought), Carol Gluck (modern history), Haruo ShiraneHenry Smith (Edo, modern Tokyo), Tomi Suzuki (narrative fiction, canon, modern fiction); Marilyn Ivy (anthropology, modernity)
3. Harvard: Edwin Cranston (Nara, Heian, kanbun), Andrew Gordon (modern history), Adam Kern (manga and floating world, kibyoushi), Melissa Wender (visiting prof, minority identity); Stephen Owen (Chinese lit); Akira Iriye (diplomatic history)
4. Ohio State: Naomi Fukumori (Heian, Kamakura court literature); Shelley Quinn (Kamakura, Muromachi); Charles Quinn (classical grammar); Richard Torrance (Meiji lit, naturalism, Tokuda Shusei, fascism); William Tyler (modernism, Ishikawa Jun) (recently deceased); J. Marshall Unger (ethnography)
5. Stanford: Steven Carter (waka, zuihitsu, travel nikki); Indra Levy (modern lit, film, women); James Reichert (modern lit, theory, male-male sexuality, aesthetics of decadence)
6. U of ChicagoMichael Bourdaghs (modern lit, theory, soseki's bungakuron, blogger, now at UCLA?); Susan Burns (intellectual history, kokugaku discourse, Tokugawa history); Norma Field (Soseki, Kobayashi Takiji, revolutionary lit, Genji); James Ketelaar (Ezo frontier, barbarians, history, Buddhism)
7. U of WisconsinSteven Clark Ridgely (60's counterculture, expo 1970); Charo D'Etcheverry (classical lit, folktales, parody)
8. USC: David Bialock (premodern poetics, comparative poetics); Akira Lippit (language, culture, cinematic arts); Anne McKnight (modern, contemporary lit, ethnography, media study, lit and social movements); Lori Meeks (religion, Buddhism, Nara)
9. Washington U in St. Louis: William Brecher (pre-modern, early modern); Rebecca Copeland (modern lit, women's lit, gender, criticism, translation theory); Marvin Marcus (Meiji-Taisho lit, bio- autobiographical lit, literary journalism, poetry); Jamie Newhard (pre-modern)
10. Yale: Edward Kamens (Heian, Genji); Edwin McClellan (emeritus, modern fiction); John Treat (modern lit, sexuality, atomic bomb, Ibuse Masuji); Christopher Hill (modern lit, cultural history, transnational naturalism); Aaron Gerow (modern and contemporary literature, film studies)
11. University of Washington: Paul Atkins (classical); Davinder Bhowmik (modern lit, Okinawan fiction, Kono Taeko); Ted Mack (modern lit and power, publishing, colonial marketing)
12. Princeton: Tom Hare (comp. lit, Japanese lit, Zeami); Richard Okada (Genji, lit theory, resistance); Atsuko Ueda (modern lit; political unconscious); also see Comparative Literature program
13. DartmouthDennis Washburn (Heian and modern lit, comp lit, dilemma of modern, Yokomitsu Riichi, cinema); James Dorsey (medieval drama, aesthetics and war, contemporary culture, criticism and lit, Sakaguchi Ango)
14. University of MichiganKen Ito (modern lit, lit in social context); Liang Luo (Taisho Tokyo, lit, pop culture); Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen (pre-modern); Jonathan Zwicker (early modern, modern, history of the book, sociology of reading)
15. University of ArizonaJ. Philip Gabriel; Noel Pinnington (Noh, Komparu Zenchiku, lit theories)
16. University of Virginia (no Phd program?): Michiko Niikuni Wilson (Oe Kenzaburo, gender, Oba Minako); Stefania Burk (politics of imperial anthologies, Edo kokugaku, Meiji) (now at University of British Columbia)
17. UCLA: Michael Marra (medieval poetics, aesthetics, hermeneutics); Thomas RimerSeiji Lippit (modernism, Akutagawa, urban space, empire); Torquil Duthie (Nara, Heian, kokugaku); Michael Bourdaghs (Shimazaki Toson, nationalism); William Bodiford (Buddhism, Zen); Noriko Akatsuka (linguistics, Genji); Herbert Plutschow (emeritus)
18. University of HawaiiJoel Cohn (Edo lit, comic lit, soseki); Robert Huey (waka, Shinkokinshu); Lucy Lower (comparative lit, hibakusha); Arthur Thornhill III (medieval lit, Noh)
19. Tufts University (no Ph.D. program?): Charles Inouye (Izumi Kyoka); Susan Napier (modernity, manga, Mishima, Oe); Hosea Hirata (Nishikawa Junzaburo, lit. and film, postmodernism) 
20. Cornell: Karen Brazell (pre-modern and theater); Brett de Bary (modern lit and film); Naoki Sakai (translation studies, modern theory, nationalism, cultural theory)


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Hi honey,

We are in Chicago. Your dad is in love with the city, it is pretty amazing. We are staying at the Westin, right on the river walk. Very pretty view right outside our window of that famous blues club. We got here about 4:00, ate dinner at Harry Carry's -the famous announcer for the Cubs for many years. Very cool, you would love it. Phoenix really looks like a cowboy town compared to this.

I was thinking about Hawaii for the Holidays, so sometime in Nov and Dec. I will call you again when we get back to Phx, which will be late Sunday, so I will call on Mon and/or Tues. I am glad that my dream was off base and that you and Hisae are happy together. All is well. Wish you were here to see "the windy city".

Brett is staying with Grandpa Hugh, so that is good for both of them. All is well in Phoenix. Oh, I just started reading "the time travelers wife". you would like it. . . very different from anything else I have ever read. I will check out the other link you sent me. After Brett watched the Peter Balakian Youtube, he researched into other related stuff, found some very interesting info as well. We will check it out. All my love, mom

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Anonymous said...

I would add to that list these three schools in the UK:

1. SOAS: Dodd (modernity, furusato) and Gerstle (Tokugawa, bunraku, Chikamatsu)

2. Cambridge: Bowring, Kornicki, Kushner

3. Oxford: Linda Flores (modern lit, proletariat, gender theory, bomb writing); Phillip Harries (comp. lit, waka)


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Gerritt said...

Stephania Burk is no longer at University of Virginia - she's currently employed at the University of British Columbia in Canada (although on leave until 2010).

-A former student of hers at UBC

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Thank you so much for the information! This is a great resource.