Monday, October 5, 2009

Kobayashi Hideo: A Reassessment

This just in from Wang Xiu, in response to Cniva Albinus's recent post on Kobayashi Hideo:

I don't know what your politics are, dude (Cniva's a dude's name, right?), but nice hagiography. Kobayashi was a total fascist, man. As literary historian Zeljko Cipris points out, Kobayashi was "adamantly antagonistic toward any kind of systematic critical thought [. . .] and seemed unaware of the superficiality, chauvinism, conventionalism and elitism that permeated much of his own criticism." "Wittingly or unwittingly," Cipris continues, "Kobayashi had become a quintessential establishment intellectual, a traditionalist aesthete oblivious to the glaringly ugly depredations of a plutocratic socioeconomic system." Click here for Cipris's full article.

-Wang Xiu


Cniva Albinus said...

Wang Xiu,

First of all, my article was not a biography (and therefore can't be called a hagiography); it was merely a summary of his essay 『失われた故郷』. Second, I'm well aware of his fascist tendencies. In fact, I was planning on discussing this aspect of his writing in my next article for

Cniva Albinus said...

And yes, I'm a dude.

Josh Landers said...

Is Cniva related to Cipris?

nihon distractions said...

I've had a copy of 'Literature of the Lost Home' to read for ages, might have to give it a read now.
Another interesting read might be Alan Tansman's 'The Aesthetics of Japanese Fascism'just out by ucpress.

Beholdmyswarthyface said...

Do give it a read. Whether you're a fan or not, he's certainly an important figure.

And I've been dying to read Tansman's book, but I can't find a copy of it anywhere Tokyo. I put a purchase order in at school about a month ago, but it still hasn't arrived. If you decide to write a review of it, let me know.

Nice blog, by the way.

nihon distractions said...

Cheers!,i'm trying to cover books that are a little less known.
Will let you know if i do a review.