Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aozora Bunko Translation Project: The First Thirteen (Works of Criticism)

This just in from Mabel of Dublin:

Hello. Sorry for not writing these past few months. Things have been pretty hectic here in Dublin. Anyway, I saw your recent post about translating everything available on Aozora Bunko. Great idea. But you're going to need a strategy, because there's soooo much there. I say start with works of criticism. I've made a list of the first 13. You and Sally can figure out who gets what. Maybe you can get Boyd to help. I'd be happy to help if you need me (although my Japanese is still not that great.) Here's the list:

1. Futabatei Shimei, "Shōsetsu sōron" (1886)

2. Yamaji Aizan, "Rai Noboru o ronzu" (1893)

3. Kitamura Tōkoku, "Jinsei ni aiwataru to wa nan no ii zo" (1893)

4. Masaoka Shiki, "Utayomi ni atauru sho" (1898)

5. Takayama Chogyū, "Biteki seikatsu o ronzu" (1901)

6. Tsunashima Ryōsen, "Yo ga kenshin no jikken" (1905)

7. Natsume Sōseki, "Izumu no kōka" (1910)

8. Ishikawa Takuboku, "Jidai heisa no genjō" (1910)

9. Uchida Roan, "Nijūgo nenkan no bunjin no shakaiteki chii no shinpo" (1912)

10. Ōsugi Sakae, "Sei no kakujū" (1913)

11. Yosano Akiko, "Bosei henchō o haisu" (1916)

12. Arishima Takeo, "Sengen hitotsu" (1916)

13. Miyazawa Kenji, "Nōmin geijutsuron kōyō" (1926)

Best regards,

Mabel Callahan


David Boyd said...

Have you looked at any of the texts yet? They're impossible to read! It's bungo! We're never going to be able to complete this project!

Beholdmyswarthyface said...


Burford Niceweather said...

That's right, you tell him. We can do this if we put our heads together.

Have Sally give me the Sōseki text. I think I can handle that one.

Burford Niceweather said...
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Ian Hogarth said...
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Ian Hogarth said...

It's not bungo, first of all. Maybe the Takayama Chogyū essay is bungo-ish, but the others could have been written in the last 10 years.

elipsett said...

Have you considered contacting Janine Beichman inre Yosano and Masaoka? She may well have already translated them...

Sally Suzuki said...

Not sure if it was Janine Beichman, but it looks like someone got to the Yosano essay first:

As for the Masaoka Shiki essay, I think Beichman translated several excerpts for her book, but not the whole thing. I could be wrong, though.