Friday, January 15, 2010

"Into the Fat After (Or, Scenes from a Wedding)"

This just in from Sally Suzuki:

Your recent post reminded me of a similar haiku sequence you wrote several years ago, called "Into the Fat After (or, Scenes from a Wedding)," which I had saved on my computer. Here it is:

Gathering in sad clusters the morning swells, this time for real

Up the shirt sexy, ever heard of being held hostage by one’s eye doctor

Rehearsing for tomorrow’s sit-com we can review it in our heads

A chord is heard bereft of its third and martinis or cosmopolitans are nice

Footfalls on the matted floor
oh I mean is she a virgin

Voices echoing, he farted x number of times

O gentle lungs, tell me the one thing that is forbidden nowadays

The lapping waves, overtly musical in the evening hum?

Light flashed through a silence parting us, two muddy bogs—and besides it’s the equinox


After dusk past the bakery limbs all white
welcome to the underpass

Squatters hector cackling crows
and yes it is raindrops

Neck bent I bow to you Sam, a black parka concealing your shape

Children rush the doorwaya single pore sprouting a hundred hairs

Wind ran circles around Uncle Arman, swollen with the day's labors

Veiled women slip through the screenwe’re going to forget you so there

I met the monk Billy for the first time yet we chatted like old friends

I collect moments, getting an unusually high volume today

I want to claw my eyes out

I also like lemon drops without the sugar around the sides or a margarita’s nice

I like her I like her a lot, but is she seaworthy?


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