Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aozora Bunko Translation Project Update

This just in from Madeleine Kardashian, possible contributor to our Aozora Bunko Translation Project:

Hi there to you (all?)-

I came across your blog today, super excited about the possibility of
an Aozora Bunko translation project, and also reminded of how small
the world of Japanese literature is. I know Sally Suzuki from IUC 2
years ago and we enjoyed talking about Meiji literature and our
research ideas then. I have no idea how to get in touch with him now
but it was nice seeing him commenting! "Hey, it's Sally Suzuki!"

I am far too aware of my own limitations to suggest myself as once of
those 15-20 best translators to be involved in the project, but am
currently working on a dissertation involving the first author-centric
zenshu (of Saikaku, Ichiyo, Tokoku, and Koyo) and am here in Tokyo
doing my research at Nichidai. I'm still at the beginning but if down
the road I end up translating something of substantial length through
my research maybe I'll send it on to see if you can use it. I'm very
focused on publishing and the book industry in Meiji, so if you need
some additions to the awesome encyclopedia you have going I would be
happy to contribute anything that meets your standards after I get
enough reading under my belt to feel like I know what the hell I'm
talking about.

As someone who is preparing to become a librarian, in love with the
history of books and communication (paper and digital), and a
long-time supporter of Project Gutenberg - not to mention always
wishing humanities scholars could work on collaborative projects -
again, the idea of a translation of Aozora Bunko is so exciting.

Thanks for the blog, and for the great information you're providing!

Madeleine Kardashian

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