Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aozora Bunko Translation Project Update

Now that the holidays are over, our Aozora Bunko translation project is finally starting to gather speed. Sally, I need you to start making a list of all potential contributors (for translations AND funding). Also, Matt Treyvaud of No-sword has expressed interest in the project, and sends this:
Hey Beholdmyswarthyface,

How's the Aozora Bunko translation project coming? I haven't been keeping up with anyone's blog for a few months, but last I heard you were still making to-translate lists and not much else was decided. (Mind you the to-translate lists make great to-read lists too, so no complaints here.)Are there any pieces unclaimed right now? I'd love to pitch in and translate some short, sharp, prewar bungo...

Also, have you decided what to do with the pieces once finished? Wave them in front of grant writers, post them on a the blog, try to get an anthology published...? We're always in need of new stuff at Neojaponisme, so that's always a possibility...

Also, I'd be happy to spread the word about the project via meta no tame once we have a more concrete plan.


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