Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chin Music Press

This just in from Chin Music Press, a Seattle・Tokyo-based publishing company currently scouting for Japanese books to translate/publish. Beholdmyswarthyface and I have a list of suggestions, but first I'd like to hear input from our readers. If anyone has something they'd like to see translated (and that would be suitable for Chin Music Press), please write the author's name and title in the comment section. Thanks, Sally Suzuki.
Dear Beholdmyswarthyface,

I work with Chin Music Press, a book publisher, based in Seattle, that focuses on Japanese topics. In case you are not familiar with us, our titles include "Kuhaku," "Goodbye Madame Butterfly," "Art Space Tokyo" (by your former classmate Ashley Rawlings), and "Oh! a mystery of mono no aware."

I'm writing to you because we are seeking outside input on future titles to publish. Are there any Japanese-language books or novels that you think absolutely must be published, but have not been translated, for whatever reason? We're interested in both fiction and non-fiction, preferably by contemporary authors, but they must be non-academic in approach. And given our emphasis on producing books with exceptional design, we're looking for works that can be interpreted visually as well as textually. We would be grateful for any suggestions you and your blog readers could provide!

Thanks and regards,
Chin Music Press

"A triumphant kick in the pants for anyone who doubts the future of paper-and-ink books." -NPR, Lucia Silva


Ian Truthgarth said...

I've been meaning to translate Takahashi Gen'ichiro's "John Lennon Versus the Martians" for quite some time now. Would Chin Music Press be interested in publishing this classic of contemporary Japanese fiction?

me. said...

Kazushige Abe's Grand Finale

Kou Machida's Confession or Shreds

Toshihiko Yahagi's La La La
Child of Science

Masahiko Shimada's Music for the Kingdom of Somnambulism?

any of these would be welcome..

Anonymous said...

[Off topic]The link of Chin Music Press doesn't work.

Sally Suzuki said...

Nihon Distractions and Ian Truthgarth,

Thanks for the suggestions. I've added them to the list to be sent to Chin Music Press.

PS The dead link is now fixed.

Anonymous said...

Can you translate "Elegance of the Hedgehog" into Japanese, or is it already?