Monday, January 18, 2010




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Three weeks ago, I couldn't find anyone to house me, so I slept in a park near my house. You're a very careful reader.

And don't worry, the tsunami is headed for Maui. We're OK in Tokyo.

Also, O-hisa was on national news last week, just for a second.
Interviewed about a performance of traditional puppet theater she happened to attend. I'll post the video later.

Also, I ended up not applying, but I almost got a scholarship to study in the U.S. as a foreign student. They were going to pay me to study at Yale or Berkeley for 3 months. Wouldn't that have been funny, Mom. I decided against it, though, as I have too much to do here.

Anyway, too bad John McCain didn't show up for Michael's engagement party. I was hoping you might give him a good punch in the pajamas.

Your son,

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe no one would HOUSE you. You are an amazing son, although you live too far from home. Please do not mention John M. anymore, it creates too much anxiety in me for my country. I am only a second generation American, but I love my country. Latest, from Mother.