Thursday, February 4, 2010

Question for Our Readers

This just in from Jason of South Yorkshire:

Long time reader first time writer. I'm a postgrad student at the University of Sheffield doing an MA in Advanced Japanese. Our next assignment is to do a mini-annotated translation from a 4000-4500字 text. We're free to choose whatever text we like, which ironically has made finding something decent more difficult. So I'm wondering, have you or your readers read any interesting, hard-hitting, even controversial, articles or commentaries lately that focus on social/political issues or current events which would also make a good read in English?

Hope you can help,


Sally Suzuki said...

I recommend 『変成する思考――グローバル・ファシズムに抗して』(2005) and 『戦後日本は戦争をしてきた』(2007) by 小森陽一. Both are collections of essays from various authors, so you might want to choose an essay or two from each.

Mother said...

Or you might want to pick a chapter or two from Karatani Kojin's 『世界共和国へ――資本=ネーション=国家を超えて』 (2006).

Jarvis32 said...

Though it's a bit older than the above mentioned books, what about something from Karatani Kojin and Asada Akira's collaborative book『マルクスの現在』 (1999)?

Bethany Doublename said...

If you're interested otaku stuff, you might want to consider doing something from Azuma Hiroki and Otsuka Eiji's 『リアルのゆくえ―おたく/オタクはどう生きるか』, which just came out a couple years ago.

Beholdmyswarthyface said...

Or, if you're not limited to the contemporary works, you could always choose something from our list of works available on Aozora Bunko:

Jason said...

Thanks so much for all your advice everyone. I'll head straight to the library and look up all those names and titles!