Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekly Update, From Sally Suzuki

This just in from Sally Suzuki:
Hello all,

Here are the updates for the week of March 21-28.

First, I have been asked to administer this blog for the next two years while Beholdmyswarthyface is writing his thesis. All emails and submissions should be addressed to me, Ms. Sally Suzuki, and sent to the usual email address, which Beholdmyswarthyface and I now share.

Second, I am pleased to announce that our Encyclopedia of Modern Japan is several steps nearer completion, and that negotiations are underway for it to be posted on the Tokyo University Department of Contemporary Literary Studies website.

Third, as the two of us have been extremely busy these past few weeks (he, with his thesis; I, with dancing), progress on our Aozora Bunko Translation Project has come to a screeching halt. We hope to get the ball rolling again soon. We are still looking for volunteers, so please contact us if interested. Apparently, there will be a short blurb about our project in the magazine edition of Neojaponisme due out this summer.

And finally, on an unrelated note, Mr. Samusi Lanudo informs me that this 1937 gunka was the model for Ishikawa Jun's fictional "Mars' Song."

That is all for now.


Cresti Yerfi said...

If Sally Suzuki is the chief administrator for this collaborative web journal, who is it what writes "This just in from Sally Suzuki"?

Mother said...

"Who is it what writes"...?! Is that even English?

Language Hat said...


Technically, Cresti's use of "what" is correct. Eg, "It's the poor what gets the blame." However, these days one rarely sees it used in this manner.

Jarvis32 said...

So Sally still is dancing! Judging from the line through "Japanese dancer," I figured she had thrown in the towel to devote herself to being full-time BMSF Media Director!

elipsett said...

Hmm. Maybe I've missed something in the process, but I don't seem to know your email address at all... I can post comments, but how would I actually send you an email?

My own address is elipsett @, if you'd be kind enough to drop me a line!