Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update on The Beholdmyswarthyface Encyclopedia of Modern Japan

This just in from Sally Suzuki:
As you've probably noticed, in the past few weeks Beholdmyswarthyface and I have greatly expanded our Encyclopedia of Modern Japan. We now have over six hundred entries in a total of ten categories. However, because our encyclopedia is so comprehensive, we are going to need your help to complete it. So please, if you would like to contribute by writing an entry or two (a dozen or baker's dozen would be great too!), just send your entries to our shared email address. We will cite your name after each entry that you write. Again, the encyclopedia is scheduled to go up on the Tokyo University website sometime this year. Thanks for your support!

-Sally Suzuki, Beholdmyswarthyface Media Director


Ian Hogarth said...

Contribute? Yeah right. Go suck an egg.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you Ian? You were such a nice boy when I knew you. Mother