Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Note from Neojaponisme

This just in from Néojaponisme's W. David Marx:
Dear Beholdmyswarthyface, Sally Suzuki, and the others,

I would love to join forces with you and the other Tōdai kids to start putting out more material more regularly on Néojaponisme. I don't know if you have felt it, but there is a general lull in online writing these days, so hopefully we can spur something to break it together. Please spread the word that we're looking for (good) contributors (who understand our style). Thanks, David


Chris Curry said...

What type of stuff is Neojapisme looking for? I'll check it out, but would my sage wisdom, observation and experience be enough to put together something for their tastes?

Lucie Reduc said...

ryan, i just thinking about the dream where brendan had blond hair and it was sort of a morphing dream from this picture of him he showed me when he was a kid and had blond hair. when i woke up, i started crying even though it wasn't particularly a sad dream, i mean i just saw him as a blond person from this memory of a photo but have no idea why i woke up crying, i don't know if i woke up crying or started crying upon waking up, well anyway it was more than months ago but i was just thinking about that. ok, sorry about rambling about some dream. be good/safe.

Anonymous said...

You have been very busy son of mine. I must catch up on my reading and research. mother