Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ishikawa Jun's "xxxxx" (1935)

This just in from Helen Cornthaugh:
Say, Beholdmyswarthyface, I recently read Ishikawa Jun's debut work, xxxxx, and found it both deeply moving and entertaining. I was wondering how it was received by the public in 1935, the year it was published? If you have any info on this, please send it along. Best, Helen Cornthaugh.
Well, Helen, thank you for your query, and I'm glad you enjoyed the work. Incidentally, I'm now in the process of translating it, and I hope to have it finished by nightfall. I haven't decided on a translation for the title, but I'm thinking about going with "The Nymphs." What do you think? Also, I was hoping you could check my first draft against the original once I finish. What do you say?

Regarding your 同時代評 question, all I have at the moment is novelist Makino Shin'ichi's review from April, 1935, published in the Yomiuri shimbun.  I think there was one other review from that year, but I can't remember who penned it or where it was published. I'll look into that, and get back to you. I should be able to find it in the 『文芸時評大系』 (2005).  At any rate, here's what Makino Shin'ichi had to say about the work when it first came out: 
「もうひとつ僕は、今月こゝまで読んだものゝうちで、おそらく多くの文芸愛 好家が見落しはしないであらうかとおもつた佳作に出遇つたことを吹聴して置きたい。それは、石川淳氏の「佳人」(作品)である。この作家は、どんな範囲で も僕にとつては、はじめての人であり(そんなことは何うでも関はないことであるが)、どんな概念も持合さぬのであるが、この作は不思議な魅力に富んだ美し い力作であつた。名状なしがたき人間の悩みを一途に悩み、別に何処に何うといふ小説的なものが介在するわけでもないの に、読みすゝむに伴れて曠野の霧に打たれ、月の雫に袂を沾ほされる容易ならぬおもひであつた。惻々として、上等なる感慨に迫られたものであつた。」


Mother said...

Translation, please.

Ian Hogarth said...

Hasn't night already fallen where you are?