Monday, March 7, 2011

Ishikawa Jun's "On The Thought Patterns of the People of Edo"

This just in from Sally Suzuki:
Swarthyface, I have converted your translation of Ishikawa Jun's 1943 essay into a PDF file and uploaded it on Scribn. For your earlier, hyperlinked version, click here. For your brief intro to the essay, click here. For the original Japanese, click here. I hope this pleases you well.
**Removed to prevent plagiarism, Sally Suzuki, 1/25/12


Ian Hogarth said...

"Or creative misprision, if you will"!? Does he really say that, in 1943? Isn't that term Harold Bloom's invention?

Stanislaus Vabio said...

Many of the ideas developed here in this essay are presented--in a rougher form-- in Ishikawa's novel "Hakubyo." I thought you might want to know that.