Thursday, June 2, 2011

Behold My Swarthy Face Modern Japanese Literature Examination (Round 3)

This just in from Cniva Albinus:
Hey Beholdmyswarthyface, 
I recently heard that Round 3 of the Beholdmyswarthyface Modern Japanese Literature Exam is being circulated among your friends and colleagues. I was hoping you could post it online so that we--the readers of your blog--could also take it. I didn't score too well on the second one, so I was hoping to do better on this round. Thank you. -Cniva Albinus. 
I don't know how you heard about this, but sure thing. Posted below is the test. If you'd like us to grade it, just send your answers to our email address in PDF format. Good luck! And remember, the test was intended for undergraduates, so it might be a tad too easy for you. -Sally Suzuki

Behold My Swarthy Face Modern Japanese Literature Examination (Round 3)***Removed to prevent future cheating. -Sally Suzuki, Jan 4, 2012***


Mother said...

HI honey,

So on Sunday grandpa hit his head very very hard. When I got there he had blood squirting out of his head, his clothes were soaked in blood, as was the whole kitchen floor. I called 911, the firemen came, they called an ambulance, and he got himself stitched up. He gets the stitches out in 8 more days, a horizontal cut right in the back of his head. I was sure he was going to loose conscientiousness because of all the blood loss, but he didn't. He says he got dizzie and just went down. He doesn't take his bld pressure meds, so that could be it. Stubborn old man. But he is just fine now.

-Your Mother (@Shaldjian )

『Behold My Swarthy Face。』 said...


I'm not sure this is the proper forum for informing me about these sorts of matters ... Don't you have my email address?

But I'm glad he's fine now. I heard from Uncle Michael about his fall, and his dramatic description had me worried. Tell Grandpa Cigar I send my regards.