Sunday, May 27, 2012

Letter to the Editor re: Mishima

This just in from "SSP," in response to the post, "Mishima and Overidentification":
Dear Shirley "Little Bird" Boednest (cc: Swarthyface, Sally Suzuki),
Overidentification can be a strategy to undermine what is ostensibly advocated as you say, but needn't be so. Mishima took fascism to its radical gay, self-destructive vanishing point, but i think this is more the result of his wanting to undermine himself, the genuine fascist, than of some hidden wish to undermine fascism as such. It is not as simple as someone who secretly identifies as a leftist, but seeks to undermine the right by portraying it as a ridiculous farce. Mishima, like Laibach, probably truly enjoyed and believed
in the fascist aesthetic he developed, but was only able to do so through a prism of self-hatred.