Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The ever-expanding category of harassment

Intrasexual harassment (同性間のセクハラ), maternity harassment (マタハラ), academic harassment (アカハラ), doctor harassment (ドクハラ), power harassment (パワハラ), sensei harassment (センハラ), housekeeping-labor harassment (家事ハラ)... I'm as against harassment as the next with-it upper-middle-class liberal dude, but I'm beginning to foresee a future where all forms of human interaction are banned under the rubric of harassment;the solution to all these real problems is not an expansion of the concept of harassment but a strengthening of labor unions/anti-exploitation laws/etc--in short, the establishment of an authentic Left. 

Here is the article from today's Yomiuri: 「マタハラって何?~浮上する同性間セクハラ~」: http://bit.ly/1qQwwoZ

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