Saturday, December 20, 2014

Primary Source Quotations from Dissertation [note: unedited/unpolished; not for citation]

Surely one of the most terrible/difficult/annoying parts of writing a Jpn-literature dissertation is deciding which primary source excerpts to use and then translating them into readable English. Here are the primary source quotations from my dissertation. Lots of awkward/nonsensical/unreadable spots; suggestions/corrections are welcome. [Note: full translations of these five works (and other works by Ishikawa Jun) can be found in the appendix to my dissertation, "Waves into the Dark: A Critical Study of Five Key Works from Ishikawa Jun’s Early Writings" (forthcoming)].

Primary Source Quotations from Dissertation [unedited/unpolished; not for citation]

[currently being revised; will post again once revisions are completed]

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