Monday, February 9, 2015

Third Place / 第三の場所

都内に住む既婚男にとって居場所は2つあり。自宅と職場オフィス。だがそれ以外の第三の場所(third place)が必要である(『雪国』の島村にとっての越後湯沢温泉のような)。昔は妾宅やトルコ風呂などの選択肢があったが現在ではそれは世間的に許され難い模様。しかし職場にも自宅にも居たくない時が生じることは昔と変わらず、第三の場所の必要性は依然としてある。何か提案がありましたら教えて下さい。In the old days married men of my class (the leisure class) had a "third place" to go when they wanted to get away from both home/wife and work (e.g. a mistress's apartment, Turkish bath, the salon, an onsen hotel in Niigata, etc.);today such places no longer exist;where is a man to go these days fora "third place"?;suggestions welcome....

Update→Thank you readers for the 12 suggestions! I shall now rank them in order of preference! (1) a dacha (別荘) [can be converted to a 妾宅 fairly easily];(2) Haru's dog house [excellent place to reflect on my salad days;and I get along well with Shiba-inus];(3) the space that is vacated after all my semicolons are removed ['cause it's such a weird suggestion; and 'cause I use a lot of semicolons!];4) my mind [not much fun here; it's what we're trying to escape];(5) a tent [might work in spring/summer];(6) an allotment [had to look this one up; low feasibility];(7) den w/ bookshelves [have this already; not a third space];(8) crawl-space under the stairs [too cramped, bad for my anal fissure];(9) attic [I fear the dark/roaches/bugs];(10) closet 押入れ [likely too cramped, bad for anal fissure];(11) marriage counselor [never];(12) kitchen [I sometimes avail myself of this place for procuring drinking water]。

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Zimkaga Balou said...

A public library.