Thursday, February 19, 2015

U of Tokyo Event with Takahashi Gen'ichirō

わたくしはこんな風に高橋さんの作品「さよならクリストファー・ロビン」を解釈しているのですがそれは正しい解釈ですかと聞いたら正しいですと言った瞬間の写真です;pics from tonight's talk and after-party with novelist Takahashi Gen'ichirō; many thanks to Hirano Kei'ichirō and the good people of Iidabashi Literary Club for inviting me! In the closeup, Takashi-san is responding to my query about whether my interpretation of his story "Goodbye Christopher Robin" (click here for study guide) is correct; "that is a correct interpretation," he told me;he also signed my copy of his recent collection of stories: "Thanks to Morrison-sensei for translating 'Demon-Beasts' [click here for study guide]。"


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