Thursday, March 26, 2015

Matsuda Aoko in 『Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing』

Received a request from University of Central Missouri's Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing to translate a Matsuda Aoko 松田青子 story of my choice for their upcoming issue; I know nothing about this writer; they say her writing is "concerned with impersonal corporatism presented in a surreal light, with a Kafkaesque tone";if anyone has read her, please give me some recommendations; her 『英子の森』 is said to be quite good。松田青子の作品を一つ選び英訳せよという依頼が今米国某大学の『Pleiades』文学雑誌から入ってきたが松田青子は私にとって初耳の作家なのでお薦めの作品があったら誰か教えて下さい。短編集『英子の森』が評価されているらしいのでその中のどれかがいいかな。

Click here to read translated excerpts from her new novella Stackable/s (Sutakkingu kannō; 2013).

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oguma Eiji : "Japan’s 1968: A Collective Reaction to Rapid Economic Growth in an Age of Turmoil"

造反有理 (造反に理有り; "making rebellion is rational")。Great Japan Focus piece on Japan's 1968 by historian/sociologist Oguma Eiji, translated by friends N. Kapur, D. Boyd, S. Malissa 。I think I shall use this in a class or two as supplement to the stories of Murakami Haruki and others of his generation。

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Today's Recommended Viewing:Two Very Good Movies by Samuel Fuller

I don't recall reading about this in my Arizona History grammar-school textbooks and yet it is probably the best story about Arizona I've ever heard:Samuel Fuller's The Baron of Arizona (1950; Criterion Collection blurb), starring Vincent Price, about the real-life story of James Reavis (1843-1914), charlatan baron and forger who nearly stole the whole of Arizona in the 1880s。[Study Guide Forthcoming]

And this... I'm 1:10 minutes into Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor (1963;Criterion Collection blurb); it's so great/ballsy that I had to pause it now in order to send it to you; do watch;many of the lunatic characters in it talk and act like my good friend Josh Lander[Study Guide Forthcoming]

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gemeinschaft Diary, Entry 1

After living in the world's biggest metropolis--population: 13.35 million--for a decade, in this new hamlet with only 2.26 million people I already feel like I know the names and faces of everyone... There's little Timmy with the perpetually scabbed elbows, and Molly with the crooked mouth, and John who stutters when excited, and Angus with the big globular head, and temperamental Sasuke (he's so temperamental!), and Yoriko with the fish-breasts, and cleft-lipped Clayton whose Pa absconded when he was nine...and so many others whom I wish I could introduce to you all! ... I haven't felt such a strong sense of Gemeinschaft in years!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Modern Japanese Literature and Nagoya

... Thinking there must be numerous deep connections between Nagoya (my new station) and modern Japanese literature, I ran a quick search for "Nagoya/名古屋" on both this blog and my Encyclopedia; only two items came up: (1) Tsubouchi Shōyō was born near Nagoya;(2) the two male characters in Izumi Kyōka's "The Saint of Mount Kōya" 「高野聖」 (1900; study guide here) depart from Nagoya together.... Surely this can't be all... Somebody help me out here....

Hi Honey ハーイ・ハニー in Ikebukuro (near East Exit)

Pic from final farewell party; the best eatery in Tokyo is a place called Hi Honey ハーイ・ハニー in Ikebukuro (near East Exit), run by Awaji-san for the last 30 years;wife and I were regular customers for the last decade; the place was hugely popular with students/coolies/laborers/low-ranking salarymen; Awaji-san was forced to close shop last month; the push to gentrify East Ikebukuro drove lease rates up; Awaji-san plans to continue the shop from his apartment (right next to the shop); like his FB page and drop by his place when in Ikebukuro。

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Furukawa Hideo on Youtube! “Now There Is Neither Purity Nor Defilement” (2012; translated by me)

Sometimes I like to listen to my own translations on Youtube, much as one would listen to, say, music;here's my translation of Furukawa Hideo's "Now There Is Neither Purity Nor Defilement" (2012)。久しぶりに聴いたらちょっと感心した、自分の腕に。古川日出男氏の「いまや浄もなければ不浄もありません」(2012)。我が英訳で。Youtube朗読。皆で聴きましょう。

*To purchase the story in the original, click here; to purchase my translation of the story in the 2013 issue of Monkey Business, click here.

*For the official Beholdmyswarthyface study guide for the story, click here.

*The following was translated by me, and read by Yakitome Voice of the Web.

Furukawa Hideo's "Now There Is Neither Purity Nor Defilement" (2012), translated by Ryan Morrison (Part 1)

Furukawa Hideo's "Now There Is Neither Purity Nor Defilement" (2012), translated by Ryan Morrison (Part 2)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Beck's Leonard Cohen Covers

At the risk of sounding metaphysical, these covers of Leonard Cohen by Beck, despite significant alterations/deviations in dynamics/articulations/instrumentation/timbre/rhythm, display a near-perfect fidelity to the spirit-essence of their originals/foundational texts: