Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Today's Recommended Viewing:Two Very Good Movies by Samuel Fuller

I don't recall reading about this in my Arizona History grammar-school textbooks and yet it is probably the best story about Arizona I've ever heard:Samuel Fuller's The Baron of Arizona (1950; Criterion Collection blurb), starring Vincent Price, about the real-life story of James Reavis (1843-1914), charlatan baron and forger who nearly stole the whole of Arizona in the 1880s。[Study Guide Forthcoming]

And this... I'm 1:10 minutes into Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor (1963;Criterion Collection blurb); it's so great/ballsy that I had to pause it now in order to send it to you; do watch;many of the lunatic characters in it talk and act like my good friend Josh Lander[Study Guide Forthcoming]

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