Sunday, April 12, 2015

Journal Entry #211

「藪の中」の講義中生徒に盗撮さる。この授業の主たる使用言語は日本語だが東大院試以来手書きで漢字を書くことがないためすっかり書き方能力が衰え黒板には英語。ご覧の通りにこのレクチャのキーワードとなっているのは、「Rape」 「sex」 「女」。A student surreptitiously took this picture in the middle of my lecture on Akutagawa's "In a Grove" and sent it to me; as you can see, "rape" "sex" "woman" are the keywords; although the primary language of instruction for this particular class is Japanese, my kanji-writing-by-hand ability has waned significantly in the last few years, and so my blackboard notes are mostly in English.


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