Tuesday, September 8, 2015

L'enfant Terrible et le Métaphysicien

A student came into my office today;said she was struggling with French reading assignment;I told her:"You grew up in the US;you are fluent in English;English is 40%-50% Latinate words that entered the language via France;hence you already know French to large degree;translate,for instance, this into English:'L'enfant terrible et le métaphysicien conspiré pour commettre un régicide à la façade du palais avec l'objectif d'incitation à la révolution permanente.' " She responded:"Why, that's easy, Sensei: 'The terrible child and the metaphysician conspired to commit regicide at the facade to the palace with the objective of inciting permanent revolution.' " "See, you already know French! Just a few articles/declensions/prepositions to remember." "Do you speak French, Sensei?" "Not a word."

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