Thursday, December 31, 2015

All By My Lonesome

the wife's absence over the holidays has forced me to engage with the [corporeal] world in new and profound ways, including: opening cupboards; calibrating temperatures; pushing buttons; mixing cheeses/meats; transferring contents (mostly between vessels); knifing plastic; interacting with coarse/ill-mannered locals; lifting levers; etc.... I dare say I'm well on my way to mastering my physical environment and achieving full autonomy as modern male subject.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

RIP Grandpa Cigar (1928-2015) 孫による追悼

Grandpa Cigar, son of sole surviving member of Shaldjian clan slaughtered by Turks in 1915, orphan, veteran (of US Occupation of Japan not the war), amateur artist/painter, founder of Carpetland, inveterate gambler and womanizer, connoisseur of grapefruits and garlic, principled tax evader, owner of several underground illegal gambling joints, and all-around great Grandpa, passed away last night。


One of his best qualities was that he always called his friends by their ethnic/tribal affiliation, often using the derogatory term:"my Italian [or Goombah] friend Lorenzo," "my Negro [or N-word] friend Larry," "my Jew friend Josh," "my Jap friend Yoshi," "my Pollack friend Leslaw," "my Indian friend Rumi," "my Palestinian friend Aheed," "my Armenian friend Harry," "my Greek friend Takis," "my Mexican friend Juan," "my Zionist friend Danny" [he always distinguished between his non- or post-Zionist Jew friends and his Zionist friends], etc. (For some reason he never had any white friends.) Unlike his male friends, his lady friends transcended their tribal / ethnic affiliations:for him all women were "broads." Also: in his later years he liked nothing more than to talk about "the Jews." 

His favorite song was Yamaguchi Yoshiko's 山口淑子 "Shina no yoru" 支那之夜 (Night in China; 1940), which he learned in 1946 in Tokyo and sang until his death。