Friday, March 25, 2016

Letter from Reader

This just in from Josh Landar, regular 『Behold My Swarthy Face』 reader:
Dear Beholdmyswarthyface,

You asked if it was I who posted the recent comment, "Probably one of the best blogs on the internet." Certainly not! If it were I, I would have called it one of the most self-recycled windbag blogs on internet. It seems to be gone but earlier in the day I appreciated the opportunity to revisit A**x's comment in regards to his navy days: classic! Indeed. While I would like to comment on your more recent utterly fascinating original works, my communication as of late is restricted to the phrases "We go to the moon!" "homo mag," and "hobo camp." I do not want to offend the refined sensibilities of you, Beholdtheswarthyface, or those of Sally, Eoin Hogarth, ghost of Eoin Hogarth, son of Eoin Hogarth, let alone those characters created and copyrighted by myself in the great state of Tennessee by myself, ghost of Josh Landar. In conclusions, my sentiments are exact, if not profound. Thank you very much, sir. Dr. Swarthface. Ryan. Dude. It's me, Josh! If I didn't trick you already. I'm trying.
And, for the blind: