Saturday, April 30, 2016

Boston Univ Professor M David Eckel's 24 Lectures on Buddhism

Here's an excellent series of introductory lectures on Buddhism, by Boston Univ Professor M David Eckel;24 lectures in all。「cc」を押せばまあまあ正確な英語字幕が出る。

01(/24) What is Buddhism

02(/24) India at the Time of the Buddha

03(/24) The Doctrine of Reincarnation

04(/24) The Story of the Buddha

05(/24) All is Suffering...this one is on the four noble truths, including the truth of suffering: all is suffering (sarvam duḥkham).... you will note that in this video he addresses the old question "what endures in Buddhist transmigration if there is no self" from around the 25:20 mark。

06(/24) The Path to Nirvana

07(/24) The Buddhist Monastic Community

08(/24) Buddhist Art and Architecture

09(/24) Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia

10(/24) Mahayana Buddhism and the Bodhisattva Ideal... This is the segment on Mahayana [Great Vehicle] Buddhism, the parable of the burning house, the definition/function of the boddhisatva, etc

11(/24) Celestial Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

12(/24) Emptiness...this one is particularly excellent

13(/24) Buddhist Philosophy

14(/24) Buddhist Tantra

15(/24) The Theory and Practice of the Mandala

16(/24) The First Diffusion of the Dharma in Tibet

17(/24) The Schools of Tibetan Buddhism

18(/24) The Dalai Lama

19(/24) The Origins of Chinese Buddhism

20(/24) The Classical Period of Chinese Buddhism

21(/24) The Origins of Japanese Buddhism

22(/24) Honen, Shinran and Nichiren

23(/24) Zen

24(/24) Buddhism in America

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