Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Talk at U of Tokyo

明日東大で行われる「文学研究についての愉快なトーク」で愉快なトークをするのとその後研究上の用事などがあるため明日始発の新幹線に乗り三日まで久々の東京滞在をします。よろしくお願いします。今から寝ます。One of great [terrible] things about being a famous [unknown] scholar [charlatan] is that you get [have] to travel to various cities to give pleasure-talks to large [small] groups of people;as one who loves [hates] both people and talking, this can be quite exhilarating [debilitating];at any rate, I take the first bullet train tomorrow to Tokyo to give a short pleasure-talk [insipid-talk] about Japanese literature [myself] at University of Tokyo, and will remain thereafter in Tokyo for four nights to conduct serious [tedious] research [drinking with CA Gayle先生];come if it is your pleasure。

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See you in Tokyo.