Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dissertation Submission Update


Just printed my dissertation for official submission;off to Tokyo tomorrow for two nights;90,000 words,150,000 w/ appendix, which I had to cut;even longer if you include the abridged Jpn version;I pity the man/woman who has to read through all this; lots of silly words like "allegoricity" "figurative mediation" "constitutes" "because" "prescriptive theory" "putative immediacy" "protuberance" "tumescence" "a priori starting point" "mimesis" "the haikai imagination" "counterdiscourse";still needs to be edited by my brilliant copy editor A McPeak [who handled brilliantly the appendix];no time for that though;seven years in the making;the nightmare is [hopefully] over;when my biographer (Josh Lander) writes my biography later in life he will title this chapter, somewhat clumsily, as "2009-2016 The Years of Great Suffering, Privation, and Persecution: Why am I so Persecuted?"

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